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You are here because you have a need

You also believe in having goals and working toward them. We share those beliefs, and we’ll work hard to help you address these needs and goals.

Compass Capital Management, Inc. founded in 1988, is a client-centered, fee-based asset management firm. We work closely with a select group of clients and invest carefully in quality stocks at attractive prices for long-term capital appreciation and quality bonds for principal preservation and income. We have found that this strategy minimizes risk while enhancing returns.

What makes us different from other firms? Unlike huge corporate investment firms, we're sized for more personal and responsive service. We're long on experience and big on tailoring each client's portfolio to their distinctive needs and goals.

If you expect outstanding service, custom portfolio management and time-tested performance, we think you’ll appreciate the way we work with you. What’s your vision of the future? We’ll help you get there.

For an informational meeting, please call us at 612-338-4051 or learn more about our investment strategy .

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